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Shaypah – Album snippet

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Trap made in Switzerland

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Swiss born producer Shaypah will release his new anticipated album in january 2013 on 12inch vinyl and digitally.

On this new record, Shaypah mixes genres such as Dubstep, Dancehall and UK Oldschool Rave with up and coming trends such as Trap music. These elements fuse into a chaotic soundscape of powerful and carefully crafted polyrythms delivering a high energy experience to the listener.

Shaypah is in good company on this album : London’s Mc Shizzle and Swiss MC Rootwords feature alongside DJ ToneCee from the turntablist crew Coordinatrix. A collaboration featuring the legendary RaggaTwins is also confirmed for release.


Shaypah aka Neil Gaeggeler is a Swiss born producer, vocalist and multi-instrumentist. His part English origins allowed him to be immersed in the  blossoming UK rave culture of the 90’s, which characterizes his musical imprint to this day. A prolific producer, he clenched his first record deal at 17 and released his debut album “The Celsius” on France’s most acclaimed hard techno label : Epilpetik Records.  In 2006, Shaypah released the critically acclaimed “World of pain” album on Dark Angel recordings, which was namely featured in the hit TV series Nip/Tuck. An active member of the demo scene, he has namely designed the interface for the popular DAW Renoise and has been part of the software team for over a decade. In 2012 Neil started working on the much anticipated return of Shaypah. The release of a new album is set for january 2013, redefining the soundscape of Shaypah.


Le producteur Suisse Shaypah sortir son nouvel album en 2013 en téléchargement numérique ainsi qu’en Vinyl.

Sur ce nouvel disque, Shaypah fusionne des genres tels que Dubstep, Dancehall ainsi que des nouveaux courants tels que la Trap musique avec ces propres influences issues de la vague Olschool Rave 90’s d’outre Manche. La résultante est un déferlement de sonore de poly-rhytmes, de sonorités jamaïcaines et de breakbeats syncopés à haute doses.


Shaypah est en bonne compagnie sur ce disque puisqu’il s’est entouré des rappeurs Rootwords et Mc Shizzle (UK) ou encore Dj ToneCee du crew de turntablistes les Coordinatrix. Une collaboration avec le collectif légendaire The RaggaTwins est également confirmé.


Shaypah aka Neil Gaeggeler est un producteur, vocaliste et multi-instrumentiste née en Suisse. Inspiré des courants musicaux de l’ère post Acid-House d’outre-manche, il produit son premier vinyle à l’âge de 17 ans, puis décroche un contrat et publie son premier album “The Celsius” chez Epilpetik Records, un des labels phares de la scène hard electro en France. En 2006, Shaypah reviens avec un nouveau son avec son album “World of Pain” sorti chez Dark Angel records. Ce disque dont un des titres est placé dans la série Nip/Tuck lui vaut des collaborations internationales, des passages médias nombreux ainsi que deux nominations aux M4 music awards. Membre actif de la demo scène, il a notamment conçu l’interface du logiciel Renoise et fais partie du team de developpement depuis plus de dix ans. En 2012, Neil commence à travailler sur le come-back attendu de son projet éponyme, redéfinissant au ainsi le son de Shaypah.

Soosh – SoFar ep (snippet mix)

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Download :

Glasgow-based producer Soosh will release his 2nd EP ‘SoFar’ on March 19 2012. On 12inch vinyl and digitally. On ‘SoFar’, Soosh expands his wonderful style of soulful, warm melodies and drops of clapping-sounds, soft percussion and vocal shreds. Soosh is in good company on his EP: London’s Greenwood Sharps and Dutch youngster Jameszoo both remix ‘Us’ in their own highly infectious manner. Beat-miner Kelpe re-arranges and delightfully smoothes out ‘Speechless’. Sekuoia adds some washed out vibes to the digital release with his bonusremix of ‘Everything You Say’.

Soosh aka Soroosh Khavari was born in Iran, escaping to Scotland fleeing persecution when a year old with his family. Taking a year out from his job in 2010, Soosh went traveling and found his niche in British Columbia, Canada. Armed with a tape recorder, sampler, couple of synthesizers and an overflowing heart, there he finally managed to finish his first works. In 2011 he released his self-titled debut EP on Fuselab and also made ‘sophisticated’ noise with remixes for shlohmo on Error Broadcast, and Project Mooncircle. Early 2012 the track ‘Changing Spheres’ appeared on the SEE-A-SOUND LP (Fremdtunes, FR2012-02).

Artist: Soosh (remixers: Greenwood Sharps, Jameszoo, Kelpe, Sekuoia)
Title: SoFar
Country: UK (Glasgow, Scotland)
Label: Fremdtunes
MEDIUM: 12” & digital
Artwork & design: Soroosh Khavari
Design: Mister Adam
Release-date: March 19 2012

Long Arm – Organic (Snippet)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

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I would never fallen in love with the spring, if I wouldn’t know the autumn. I would never leave my home, if I wouldn’t feel how dear it is to me. The world is full of contrasts.
Every day is full of conflicting emotions and events. And all of these leaves an imprint, and leads to the world formation in my mind. World – where dreams meet reality, and where the white can’t exist without the black.
Long Arm

Recorded, mixed and arranged by Long Arm | Georgy Kotunov in Orenburg, RUSSIA. Remix versions by Krts, Daisuke Tanabe, FiJi, Eugenia Peters. Vocals by Graciela Maria, Teknical Development & Tinavie.
Mastering by Sven Friederichs. Artwork by Bioniq / design by Gordon Gieseking. A&R: Gordon Gieseking & Jinna Moroch

Finest Ego – UK Ireland Compilation snippet

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

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Finest Ego United Kingdom and Ireland compilation represents many of the best talent around these isles today. It is by no means a definitive document though it is one of the strongest and most relevant ones you’ll find today. From straight up hip hop styles to downtempo, ambient electronica via boogie, dub and techno interpretations.

Finest Ego UK and Ireland represents a snapshot of some of the best established and upcoming producers in these countries at the beginning of the ’10s.

Tracklist & more information


Finest Ego – Faces 12″ Series Vol. 1 (Snippet)

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Download :


Sidwho? – I Do The Night SNIPPET

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Samples :

Finest Ego – Russian Beatmaker Compilation (Snippet)

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

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