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Mop Mop – TekJuju (Mixtape)

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014


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Skatebård – Ole Ballin

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Ole Ballin

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Tracklist :

  1. Manhooker- Club Anonymous (Rotciv Extended Mix)
  2. Ultracity featuring Donald Waugh – Lonely – Waldemar Schwartz Remix
  3. Miss Plug Inn – You And I (The Rimshooters Remix)
  4. Yourhighness – La Bahia Erotica
  5. Kasper Bjørke: Rush feat. Tobias Buch (Brynjolfur Remix)
  6. Ultracity featuring Donald Waugh – Lonely – Ultracity Shadow Dub
  7. The Swiss – Antiquities
  8. Cheri – Murphy’s Law
  9. The Pop Tops – Mamy Blue (Sandrobianchi & Tripman Edit)


Ori – Stylss Mix 032

Thursday, August 14th, 2014


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MLK – Summer Jam

Monday, August 11th, 2014

MLK summer

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Plaid – Wrd mix

Monday, August 11th, 2014


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Tracklist :

  1. I – Piano Interrupted (Denovali)
  2. Particles & Fields – Jemapur (Detroit Underground)
  3. Brace – Cypher (Her Records)
  4. Move To The Ocean – Brick & Mortar (Brick & Mortar)
  5. Perfect Gain Structure – Krampfhaft (Spit Thunder)
  6. Kleiner Bruder – Denzel & Huhn (City Center Offices)
  7. Manners – Arca (Uno Nyc)
  8. Tell ‘Em – Zebbra Katz VS Altera (Unreleased)
  9. Greedy Fingaz – Markus Wormstorm Feat Spoek Mathambo (M=Maximal)
  10. Omni – Mast (Alpha Pup)
  11. Christ Aair – Leon Vynehall (3024)
  12. B.N.R – Kane Ikin (This Thing)
  13. Vivid Chains – Zavoloka (Kvitnu)

Electro Boogie MasterMix by Unknow Dj

Saturday, August 9th, 2014

Electro Boogie

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This Electro Mastermix is in our series of lost audio documents from our Black Pearl archive.
There is no information about it or who done it. Seems like one of these lost treasures.

One of these typical electro mastermixes from the 80´s, mostly on bootleg records pressed, and very often used in the radio programms with the typical music from this era, enriched with lots of cuts / edits and dubs from b-sides.

Drew Gragg – Stamp Mix 31

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Drew Gragg

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An accomplished student of jazz guitar and orchestral composition, with his attention now geared towards electroacoustic composition at university, it’s no wonder why Montreal-based producer Drew Gragg has been picked up by Nicolas Jaar on his forward-thinking, subscription-only label Other People. Drew debuted his 6-track Over-Under EP on the label a few months back and it’s been rapidly gaining attention. His fusion of textures between organic sounds and synthetic frequencies underpins the delicate and intimate nature of Drew’s unique soundscapes; born to unravel and build within each song much like the improvisations of jazz musicians playing live on stage.

There’s soft reverberated piano licks, crystal pings of guitar harmonics, white-noise hisses that snake in and out of your head whilst phased-up warm bass-stabs dance around and give the whole thing space and body. It’s elegantly framed around organic snaps, wooden taps and claps that tumble between house and even reggae rhythms at times. His use of tape-delay modulation adds that nostalgic VHS-like dreamy quality, reminding us somewhat of Boards of Canada, yet this is something very different; almost as if Drew has given techno a big hug and sat it down with a warm mug of camomile tea and switched on some spaced-out visuals to watch in the dark. This is most certainly a bridge between post-nightclub music and dancefloor ambience.

We caught up with Drew Gragg to discuss this more, and to also have a little chinwag about how he hooked up with Nico Jaar and his thoughts on the Montreal scene. Check the Q&A below and listen to his exclusive mix. from STW

Tracklist :

  1. Ivan Tcherepnin – Santur Opera
  2. Yoko Duo – Lack of Comfort
  3. Ukkonen – Thrym
  4. Pheek – Landing (Marc Neyen Remix)
  5. Pender Street Steppers – Bubble World
  6. STL – Silent State
  7. Cloudface – Otcho
  8. Patricia – Josephine
  9. Juniper – Jovian Planet
  10. Ginger Baker and Tony Allen – Drum Solo (Live, 1978 Berlin Jazz Festival)
  11. Bennie Maupin Ensemble – Neophilia
  12. Move D – Your Personal Healer
  13. Move D – Silk Dub
  14. Leon Vynehall – St Sinclair
  15. Basic Channel  – Radiance III (Edit)
  16. Lewis – I Thought the World of You

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