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KEEPREAL Le Buro ⤸ Rue de Genève 52 ⤸ CH-1004 Lausanne




Manuel Pozo (Lausanne / CH-Switzerland) – Owner of keepreal.org

Start deejay  in 1997 with Turntablism on local influences on stages at The Zulunation Switzerland in 1998 start La Dyversion (Garage Band) in 2001 G.D.S. production (Professional Studio & Mastering – Lausanne) in 2002 make Carteblanche mixtape by GDS (Hiphop french) 33 tracks studio in collab. with dj rack, dj v-air & dj vandal in 2005 FB  radio show for promoting some Hip-Hop Iber-Spanish Artists. 2007 Keepreal Radio show started on FB (University of Lausanne – Switzerland), 2008 Lausanne FM interview,2008 VICE Magazine & Modular: Party in Montreux, 2009 Interview RSR Couleur 3 (Chrystelle André / voix off tracks magazine Arte TV)

PLAYED WITH : M.in (Desolat / Get Physical – DE), Grems (FR), Pharao Black Magic (CH), DJ Craze (USA), Surkin (Institubes – FR), Teenage Bad Girl (FR), Klever (USA), The Grum (Prestel – UK), James Pants (Stones Throw – US), Yuhzimi (CH), Mr. Flash (Ed Banger Rec.), Chromeo (Vice, Modular – CA), Digitalism (Kitesuné – DE), Kid Bizzy (PGK – CH), Aeroplane (Eskimo Rec. – BE), Busy-P (Ed Banger Rec.), Headman (Gomma – DE), Vicarious Bliss (Ed Banger Rec.), Orange Dub (Supermafia – CH), DiscoD & Banga (KillerZH – CH), Däsko (CH), J-Bounce (Lordz Of Fitness – DE)

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2 may 2010

Manuel Pozo DJ POZ from Switzerland write me on pozo dot pro
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