Moon Duo – Trails (White Rainbow Remix)

moon duo

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Remix of “Trails” by Portland, Orgeon’s White Rainbow.

When Moon Duo’s last full length, Mazes, was released in 2011 there was a limited edition bonus cd that came with it for retail featuring remixes of the album tracks by the likes of Gary War, Sonic Boom, Psychic Ills and others. The bonus disc was so well received that the band have done it again with their new album Circles. This time the remixes are from Portland/ Kranky Record’s artist White Rainbow, Black Dice member Eric Copeland, Zombie Zombie, Tom Furse of the Horrors, Sun Araw, Phil Manley of Trans Am, Life Coach, Umberto, and Finnish band K-X-P This year instead of a value-add bonus disc we are heading straight for vinyl, specifically to celebrate Record Store Day.

Moon Duo have been touring non-stop since Circles was released in October 2012. They have covered the US and Europe several times over and have now conquered Australia, Japan, Thailand and China. They are one of Sacred Bones’ top selling artists, have released two stunning videos in support of Circles, and continue to receive excellent press coverage. This release will be in a limited edition of 1000.

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