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Van Hai :

the mental function in which thoughts, ideas, emotions, or memories not in immediate awareness can be brought into the consciousness, usually through associations, without encountering any intrapsychic resistance or repression.

Dear friends and listeners,
a few words about what this album ‘preconscious’ and its genesis.
His first title i chose for her perfect ability to define this place in mind which arise the emotions, then the senses images, stored in memory, accessible when the process of awareness.
At the base of the project, i chose the name of my son who was still ‘in the pipeline’, it is this impulse that i started to work: how to welcome and get ready myself at his coming. Then i felt the need to broaden the spectrum, about the conditions necessary for this coming, approaching love, trust, endurance. Desiring to do a ‘fiction’ i kept the title ‘arya’ only realistic trace of this birth. So i talk about these choices, those who gather and those who separate, the various crucial stages of a relationship, the desire to remain upright, prepare and keep his way, and that which is done to my family.
From my current location as well as the cultural and generational clash that every day i measure the size, i wanted to attempt a dialogue. it certainly there’s much moral in this project and i fully assume. I have the ambition to share this aspect of my life with the generations that follow, the photographic and visual choices and some of the texts are illustration of it. And to go back to the preconscious, this need has been paired with this sudden realization.
Some may find this album less researched, less dense and much less dancing than before. As some of you know, i no longer recognize myself in this square of green that is music for clubbing. This format, nor its rationale doesn’t represent me at the moment. With this album, i take off, leaving the scene that brought me so she forced me. I do not know my next destination, but hope to see you there and hopes that you will find refuge in this latest opus as a welcoming and warm.


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